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Maureen Kirschhofer, CLU, ChFC

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"We were both working with Physicians throughout Florida. Rather than compete, we felt that we could best serve our clients by combining our various strengths."

Judi’s work with Physicians began in 1990 with Mutual of New York as the agency’s Disability Specialist. In 2008, she went through stringent credentialing with AMA’s Trusted Source Network. In 2009, seeking additional options to benefit physicians, she began working with Maureen, adding carriers to her portfolio.

Maureen, daughter of an Anesthesiologist, began working with Residents in 1981 in Buffalo, New York. Specializing in Income Protection, she was able to obtain Association discounts for Physicians throughout the state of Florida, saving in some cases over 50% of the premium costs.

While there are other medical practice needs for each Physician we assist, we have become specialists in life insurance, long term care and Disability Income Protection. Discovering that one insurance company was not the solution for every physician, we offer quotes from at least four companies that provide the best definitions and coverage.

The pendulum has swung back and forth, but DI insurers have vastly improved their offerings, particularly to Physicians since the reduction of benefits in the ‘90s. You will find improved contract provisions, including the availability of the own occupation definition of disability to $20,000 monthly benefit, premium discounts, continuance of retirement savings while disabled, increased overhead limits to $50,000 per month and availability of coverage for impaired risks.

We are low pressure but persistent and do our best to provide reliable service before and after the income replacement policies are issued. We look forward to providing you with the information you need to make the right decision for the best policies available at the lowest cost.

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